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At the point where the inner lips join at the top is the clitoris, that most lovely and sensitive spot. Fun fact: the part of the clitoris you can feel and see from the outside is actually just the tip of a larger organ that extends deep inside your body! The vagina can expand and stretch to accommodate a penis, a baby, fingers, sex toys, spare change, etc. It is not the rigid tube most anatomy textbooks make it out to be.

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The inside of your vagina is a moist, warm, acidic environment that is the happy home to a whole host of bacteria, or flora. I think of the vagina as a rainforest.

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Like a rainforest, there are many different organisms growing, and there is a delicate balance of moisture, acidity, and heat that keeps the ecosystem thriving. Most of the time, your body regulates that balance to keep your vagina healthy.

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It produces discharge that helps to flush out harmful bacteria or debris. It maintains an acidic environment in your vagina that is preferred by a diverse collection of healthy bacteria.

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Those healthy bacteria, in turn, crowd out any unhealthy bacteria and fungi that may have gotten in. Like supporting a rainforest, taking care of your vagina means both supporting a healthy ecosystem and not introducing any non-native outsiders. Since your vagina is a part of you, keeping your vagina healthy is in large part keeping YOU healthy.

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I often tell my clients that there are six basic things they can do to stay healthy:. These simple choices will give your overall health a boost and will help your vagina stay in balance. In addition, there are some specific things you can do to keep your vagina happy and healthy:.

Give your vagina the love it needs. Pleasure yourself or have someone else pleasure you. Studies have shown that sex generally and orgasms specifically have numerous health benefits.

Your Vagina: An Owner's Guide, Part 1 | The Oregon Clinic

Arousal and orgasm increase blood flow to your vagina, improving its elasticity, lubrication, sensation, and ability to fight off infections. I often tell my clients that there are six basic things they can do to stay healthy: Eat a healthy diet: lots of fruits and vegetables, not a lot of sugar and simple carbs. Drink plenty of fluids: preferably water instead of sugary drinks or juices.

Get enough exercise: good for your mood, your bones, your heart. The list goes on! The book is an updated and revised edition of a previous title of the same published by Scholastic in September Take the fastest ship in the galaxy for a spin in this fully updated and revised edition of the Millennium Falcon: A 3D Owner's Guide!

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From its compliment of armaments and defenses, to the life support and propulsion. Each page details the technology and provides notes and commentary from the many crew members who have piloted the Falcon. Each page of this owners manual is die-cut so they fit together to create a three-dimensional model of the fastest ship in the galaxy embedded within the book. And now, it has been updated to include material from The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi , making this is the ultimate interactive guide to the ultimate Star Wars ship!

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