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The World’s Most Innovative Countries, | INSEAD Knowledge

This does not include nearby Oxford and Cambridge, which host the first and fourth leading universities, respectively. Paris is second, with 12 high-ranking universities.

Seoul is third, with eight of the top institutions. Another five metros are tied with five schools each: Washington, D.

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Another 13 metros have three of the top universities; 47 have two, and have one. But bigger metros will have higher numbers of global universities based on their sheer size. The last map shows the distribution of the top universities per million people.

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Obviously, this would mean that smaller metros—especially U. To control for this, the table below limits the analysis to global metros with at least five leading universities. Paris; Washington, D. The geography of leading universities is extremely spiky. Two new studies have revived the long-running debate over how police respond to white criminal suspects versus African Americans.

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In Generation Priced Out , Randy Shaw examines how Boomers have blocked affordable housing in urban neighborhoods, leaving Millennial homebuyers in the lurch. The world needs knowledge and right now centralized places of information, like Wikipedia and Everipedia, are subject to censorship in places like China and Russia.

Knowledge of the Higher Worlds

Everipedia on the blockchain represents an interesting new twist in the Wiki-world. Wikipedia, for example, is completely banned in Turkey. Technically, it becomes impossible to censor these websites.

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Everipedia is the largest online english encyclopedia in the world, partially because it sourced all of the articles on Wikipedia which sourced articles from Britannica, according to Dr. Giving the world access to all of this knowledge could change things for researchers, academics, and interested citizens in countries that have banned and blocked information for political or religious reasons.

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  6. The only way a new project could go head to head with Wikipedia is if it engaged the whole world and was decentralized. With the new system, Everipedia is hoping that putting information in a peer-to-peer network, which eliminates hosting fees, will alleviate the need to support its content with ads or donations. Published December 6, — UTC.

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