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Past Lena Lake, the trail winds through a remote forested canyon called the Valley of the Silent Men. Trees stand like sentinels here. A small stream runs through the canyon, giving a burbling soundtrack to the silent surroundings. Beyond the Valley of the Silent Men, the trail becomes overgrown and rugged, as it becomes a climber's trail to the summit of the twin-peaked mountain.

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In , surveyor George Davidson named the twin-peaked mountain after the Fauntleroy brothers. While many know the mountain as "The Brothers", a less-well-known fact is that the peaks each have their own name.

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Edward is the south peak and Arthur is the north. Ellinor was engaged to Davidson when he named the peaks in this area. See weather forecast. From Hoodsport, drive travel north on Hwy for 14 miles.

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At Marburg they came under the influence of Clemens Brentano , who awakened in both a love of folk poetry, and Friedrich Karl von Savigny , cofounder of the historical school of jurisprudence, who taught them a method of antiquarian investigation that formed the real basis of all their later work. Others, too, strongly influenced the Grimms, particularly the philosopher Johann Gottfried von Herder , with his ideas on folk poetry.

Essentially, they remained individuals, creating their work according to their own principles. In Jacob accompanied Savigny to Paris to do research on legal manuscripts of the Middle Ages; the following year he became secretary to the war office in Kassel. Because of his health, Wilhelm remained without regular employment until As secretary to the legation, he went twice to Paris —15 , to recover precious books and paintings taken by the French from Hesse and Prussia.

He also took part in the Congress of Vienna September —June By that time the brothers had definitely given up thoughts of a legal career in favour of purely literary research. In the years to follow they lived frugally and worked steadily, laying the foundations for their lifelong interests. Their whole thinking was rooted in the social and political changes of their time and the challenge these changes held. Their state of mind made them more Realists than Romantics.

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They investigated the distant past and saw in antiquity the foundation of all social institutions of their days. But their efforts to preserve these foundations did not mean that they wanted to return to the past. From the beginning, the Grimms sought to include material from beyond their own frontiers—from the literary traditions of Scandinavia, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland, England, Serbia, and Finland. From their foundation in , the Brothers of Charity took on their mission in society: organize education and provide care for children, adolescents, and adults.

They always sided with those who found no response to their request for help elsewhere. As a result, the Brothers of Charity grew into a large congregational organization of brothers and lay staff members.

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The Brothers of Charity have convent communities and initiatives in 30 countries around the world. They are most strongly represented in Africa and Asia. Home Who are the Brothers?