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This might make the casual viewer scratch their head in bewilderment: why is she comforting the thing that just tried to kill her family? But from the archetypal point of view, it makes perfect sense to see the shadow as part of the self, to attempt to build a relationship with it, and to comfort it in its suffering. In Us , we see two scenes of shadow and light joined in dance.

In the first, young Adelaide dances above, fluid and magical, while young Red dances below, clumsy and stomping.

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Shadow and light are moving together but oblivious of their togetherness. The second dancing scene is an underworld fight to the death in true horror film fashion.

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Adelaide is beaten and worn down, missing strike after strike, while Red, in her domain, moves with fluid rigidity and has the upper hand. Here we see Adelaide at the point of death — like Inanna, she has made it to the underworld, stripped of all symbols of power, with nothing left but to exist at the will of her shadow. Thus, the shadow is integrated into the light, allowing for survival.

We have all faced our shadow selves and done such a dance — when has this happened to you? At moments the shadow may have taken stage and performed a pirouette that demanded recognition, for better or for worse.

And then, the light responds. How has your light responded to your shadow? How has your shadow led you to face the unfaceable, to find a path towards healing and return? These are undoubtedly the questions Peele is asking the audience, if they dare to listen from within.

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And so here we have a horror film that asks the same questions that we, as Birthing From Within mentors , ask of our clients as they prepare for their birth ordeal. Thank you Cara. I was beginning to feel like I was the only voice in the wilderness. I do suspect his mental illness is way more than anxiety-related. He is self-delusional and has these grandiose ideas.

This does not give someone to demand, belittle or verbally abuse us.

Shadows on the Grass by Karen Blixen, from Project Gutenberg Canada

Which they requested. Holy cow…the entire email response from him felt so condescending and slimy, down to the very last letter. Holy crap, Batman. I read the beginning of the sample yesterday after this saga came across my Twitter feed. What an entitled, blind tool. How could not ALL women love it?? Unless there is some really M Night level twist here, those two things do not add up. Which makes it sound an awful lot like she was at best a co-protagonist, while the husband was the main one. But also, I just. When actually speaking and with everyday writing emails, letters, notes etc.

Oh my gracious. Glad this shenanigans helped you to find us! I think my eye started to twitch somewhere after screen 2, and by the end I was left gobsmacked. As an author, I know that not everyone will love my books. Not only is every reader allowed to have their own opinion, but sometimes those 1 star reviews are what make someone else buy the book.

Do I tend to refresh the retail pages the day after a release to see if anyone liked my book? Yep, I do. The fact he claimed to have anxiety as his reason behind the novel-length email he sent you is beyond infuriating. I would never think to send an email to a reviewer, stating my mental issues, and demanding a positive review. I laughed so much with this post. How can someone be this unprofessional and so full of themselves?

First: Wow. That must be glorious. If someone could bottle that…. And thank you! It was no way a parody and real. She even compared herself to a Nazi in it like it was a favourable thing. Thank you for your thoroughness! Mr Klein is staggeringly self-confident for someone crippled with anxiety. Thank you for subscribing. I still am.

The Shadows in Truman Capote’s Early Stories

Stop lying to me! But when I was given accurate hospital procedures, which went against my writing, I changed my story entirely! Way to make this about me… Sorry. This author does NOT have anxiety. There is no way. Disgusting he would use mental illness as a tool of manipulation. What a terrible human-shaped creature, he is. Yeah being a pompous windbag is one thing but trying to fake a thing that many people legit suffer with on top of that?

All sorts of pissing off going on. I applaud you for still striving on with your writing. My comment was bad. Literally how anxiety works.

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Can we just erase people like him? I hope this goes super viral and ruins his… I mean is it really a career if he only has like 10 reviews per book and many appear to be fake or friend reviews just to bolster the algorithm? Also yeah this post has went somewhat viral. The amount of views for it has blown my mind.

I only rant when I have to. I shall join you under said rock, but not too close because no-touchie! Honestly, I love rants and i love when people are called out for their crap. I like reading people being called out for stuff too. I liked the first scene. A great start to a good horror screed. The protagonist is scary, I guess, but so flat and one-dimensional that it read more like a comedy.

Honestly, I feel like this screed could have really benefitted from some editing. It goes on far too long and I found myself skimming near the end. It also completely lacked a section in all caps which I feel is a real lost opportunity to pay homage to the greats of the genre. Mind blowing that this is real. Could easily be The Onion. Good with in posting this, and thank you.