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He said more or less all countries in the region are involved in armed conflicts. Many both in internal conflict and in military interventions outside their borders. Therefore, demand for arms in the region is driven by an increased demand for weapons by all military actors. The largest deals in terms of value are usually for the regular armed forces, he added. For example, in Saudi Arabia, the import of combat aircraft and their armaments account for the bulk of the arms imports. These aircraft are heavily used against the comparatively lightly armed Houthi rebels in Yemen, he added.

Deals for arms intended for use in internal operations, against rebel forces or even against unarmed opposition can also be substantial.

Pope wants Mexico free of 'merchants of death'

The deal has become the subject of major debate in Canada, as critics have argued that earlier-delivered Canadian armoured vehicles were used in by the National Guard against the Shiite minority in Saudi Arabia. The writer can be contacted at thalifdeen ips. The last sentence is incorrect.

Merchants of Death - AGSA

All rights reserved. Armed for battle. Together, these five biggest exporters, have accounted for about 74 per cent of all arms exports during — Anthony Fenton. Thalif Deen. Umar Manzoor Shah Asia-Pacific.

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The Week with IPS. Your contribution will make a huge difference. Make a Difference. No state, of course, has been immune from the ravages of opioid drug addiction.


With a dramatic increase in deaths from fentanyl and heroin, the crisis has now taken a new, and perhaps even more ominous, turn. The Center for Disease Control estimates that drug overdoses topped a day in , a 13 percent rise over the previous year, and will continue to rise. American Overdose also provides riveting accounts of the victims and villains of the opioid crisis.

While smoking cannabis and drinking beer with a friend, Jerome popped a pill stamped M, the designation for Norco, a hydrocodone prescription medication , that was actually fentanyl.

Between and , McGreal indicates, Dr. Diane Shafer wrote , opioid prescriptions. Sentenced to six months in jail, Shafer saw herself as a victim. The raids on her office were illegal, she insisted, because the search warrant did not have her name on it.

Shafer defended her treatment of coal miners suffering from injuries, accused federal agents of stealing from doctors, and pointed with pride to her service to the community. Alas, amidst shifts in the battlefields, the prospects for success in the war against drug abuse appear meager, at best.

Two years later, the CDC issued guidelines discouraging physicians from prescribing opioids, while fentanyl deaths passed heroin and opioids, taking more than 20, lives.

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Little wonder, then, that in April , Jerome Adams, the Surgeon General of the United States, proclaimed that the danger was so great that people should carry overdose medicine at all times. The Sackler Family is making a fortune from this but warrants no mention? Behind every crisis you will find a Greedy Billionaire.

Glenn C. Altschuler, Ph. Back Psychology Today.

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Merchants of Death - A Study of the International Armament Industry

Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. Can You Accept the Randomness of Life? Altschuler Ph. Merchants of Death Opioid prescriptions made medicine cabinets more dangerous than cars.