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Against the will of their parents they fight for their friendship. He garnered his directing experience working as an assistant director on shorts by writer Hone Kouka and as a stage director. One night out stealing two boys break into a house and find themselves confronted with an unexpected situation that will test their friendship and force the boys to consider another way. Born in in Barcelona, Fernando Trullols was director assistant for numerous feature films, commercials and video clips.

In , he directs Dos, his first short film. El Barco Pirata, his third short film, was selected in numerous festivals. After studying graphic design in Dublin Lorcan moved to London to work for the Zeppotron production company as a motion designer, editor and later as a director. In Lorcan moved back to Dublin to set up his own studio under the name Lovely Productions.

A young couple moves into a residental area. The woman, photographer, is trapped in this remove estate of empty houses and shrieking foxes. His movies, such as Monday Morning Glory or Elephant and the Sea, selected in Berlin and Locarno, Venice and Rotterdam deal mainly with the relationship between man and nature. A Thai woman, Fern, comes with her husband and child to Malaysia as a refugee. Something terrible happens during their journey by sea, and only Fern makes it to the final destination. Deeply shattered, Fern now confuses dreams and reality.

Is it possible to ever come back from war? For those who have tasted it, returning home does not signal peace but an inevitable self-destructive assault on the mind. Mitch Torres is an australian documentary's screenwriter and director who began her career in the Media Industry more than 20 years ago. In , she was the first Indigenous presenter on SBS channel.

Jandamarra's war is his second film as a director. Trained as an actor, Olivier Treiner played in theater plays between and , a time during wich he wrote the play Outrage, that he played and directed. In , he writes a feature film La Crue, but it is only in that he directs his first short film, Crassus. L'Accordeur is his second short film. With his short films Johannes has been awarded with innumerable prizes at film festivals around the world, including the Director's Fortnight.

He runs his own production company, Joclo. A middle-aged lady on a holiday in the sun tries to make new friends and have a good time. The role is played by a one year old girl, the rest of the cast are marionette puppets. In , she received promotion award for young artists from North-Rhine Westphalia. Louisa is her graduation film.

Louisa is 23 before she finally faces the fact that she cannot hear. All her life she has tried hard to be like everyone else : communication was a constant struggle with lip reading.

Against all the odds she decides not to get a hearing implant and finally decides to move out from her parents. My Brother Karim is his graduation film.


They have a new life with a grandfather whom they hardly know and in an alien country. Wendy, a year-old girl, finds herself spending the summer vacation in an abandoned holiday resort, where her Grandmother is the caretaker. In the village at the end of the world, just a clique of local teenagers drinking and killing time in the empty pool. Wendy experiences a bitter-sweet summer love affair. Alister Lockhart began his career as a commercial illustrator for Walt Disney Australia.

In his ten years in the games industry he has written and directed animations for many video games.