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Otherwise, kindly click the X icon to close. Read using. RM Author: Malcolm Atkins. Category: General Novel. Publisher: Vearsa Fast-Print. For more information, click here. Synopsis Gat is a generic term used to cover a multitude of push in barrel cheap and not so cheap junior air pistols from many manufacturers. For more than a century they provided children and adults with endless amusement at very low cost.

Because of their perceived cheapness very little has been written in detail about these pistols and this book is an attempt to redress that balance.

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The author has been shooting since the age of eight, when he obtained a cut down 9mm garden gun for rat reduction and progressed through the following fifty odd years to shooting everything from airguns, pistols, rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders, cannon and submachine guns, even with all that there is a still a huge amount of enjoyment to be had from a fine day in the back garden with a junior air pistol and a handful of pellets and targets.

The heavy duty L-bracket is recessed into the vertical main beam, so the target box can be easily raised all the way up without bumping into it. The angle cut above keeps things stable and safe, locked together until the moveable support beam is lifted out for lowering of the target box.

Below is the pivoting "foot", firmly anchored with PT stakes and galvanized hardware. The block with the angle cut below is where the moveable support beam the piece with the handles on it will rest when the target is in the halfway down position.

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Time to bring 'er down to change the target out. Then I'll grab the upper handle and lower the target box below to its bottom position, where it's sitting atop the lower main beam. This puts the target box at perfect working height, allowing me to change out targets easily - looks like this:. There's about 30 pounds of electrician's duct seal in the box below , a bit of overkill but I don't care. Consistency doesn't seem to change with New England's temperature fluctuations, and you can shoot many, many pellets into this stuff before needing to clean it up and top it off.

Pellets and bits of duct seal which collect at the bottom are easily collected and disposed of properly. Let's get our new target in there and get 'er raised back up for some shooting! Procedure is the reverse of the lowering sequence. I can do a target change in about 30 seconds, but what's the hurry? Shooting is my relaxation time.

Make sure you get yours in soon! Friends who come over to shoot think it's pretty neat.

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Should I paint it camo, just for the heck of it? In addition to being on a level shooting plane, safety is enhanced due to the lay of the land beyond the target treetops, much further than my pellet will ever travel. It's a nearly silent trap, requiring just about zero maintenance. Have fun putting yours together!

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Friday, October 7, Crosman Custom Shop The soup cans in my house have been running for cover lately, and for good reason. During the process of figuring out which pellet would shoot best in my RWS Magnum, I accumulated a boat load okay well, many tins of. What to do with all those nearly full tins of pellets? Well, I thought the Crosman might be just the tool for the job And I was right - sort of. Hey, I understand they're trying to hit the price point, but I wanted more.

So I decided to do what any responsible, value-minded airgunner would do in this situation. I like the way you can click away on the Custom Shop site, to change the appearance and cost of your dream piece in real time. After several visits and lots of clicking, I was ready to go all the way. So, with the help of my good friend Vin whose job was to sit there and say "Yeah, get it, get it!

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In about 4 weeks, Mr. Thanks for stopping by! Safe Shooting,. This was last year when she was 10, but she seemed to have pretty good command of that Red Ryder. Not bad for about 30 feet away, using a Red Ryder. Nice job Sarah. Fast forward one year Serious business! You can do it kid Not a bad job at all for an 8-year-old!

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You're on paper! Passing shooting or archery skills along to your kids provides for hours of great fun and friendly competition, while strengthening bonds of trust. So if you think it might be time, grab a couple extra pairs of shooting glasses, set up a safe backstop, and after going over the basics of safe gun handling teach 'em to shoot! Saturday, October 1, Connecticut Fried Squirrel. These last couple years in Connecticut, we've seen a bumper crop of acorns and the furry gray critters that like to eat those acorns.